In 1875, a majority of the Board of Supervisors were of the same political party as a majority in the village.  A proposition was made to divide the township of Barre.  This resolution was carried and a new town, the Town of Albion, was formed in the northern part of Barre on 08 April 1875.  The new town was named from the village of the same name, Albion, the county seat of Orleans County.

Industries in the Town of Albion, at tone time, were saw mills, grist mills, fruit growing, agriculture, raising grain, lumbering, quarrying, making potash, stores, taverns, and salt manufacturing.  Some of these same industries exist today.  

 Our canal port offers docking right along side the downtown historic district and within an easy walk to restaurants, shops and museums. If sailing is your passion, the Lake Ontario shoreline 


The New York State Canal Corporation recently unveiled the New York State Canalway Water Trail, a coordinated trail with boat launches, landings and campsites along the 524-mile New York State Canal System. There are more than 100 launch and landing sites currently available to both motorized and non-motorized boaters along the Canal System

The oldest and largest park, now known as Bullard Park, was previously known as Rock Springs Glen Park.  Another special park, once located in the Town of Albion, was the renowned Christmas Park where individuals were trained in the role of Santa's helpers.  Also, exhibits and displays etc., a family park all with the Christmas theme were enjoyed by the public. 

The Historic Arnold Gregory (former Hospital) office complex in Albion NY! This former town Hospital was converted to offices in the early 1990's and has continued to be a center of community in Albion and has become a part of the exciting revitalization of the Albion, NY community.


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